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Limitless Ramen

l i m i t l e s s r a m e n

You've JUST stumbled onto the cosplaying LOGS of our small, but close-knit crew. Check the userINFO to see what you've really gotten yourself into! :D
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[Sunday, August 27th 2006]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Everyone is encouraged to join Cosplay[dot]com, if they've completed a costume!

So far, I only know of the following members having accounts:

shiroi_angeru as shinjuchan
gemmanigirl as DigitalHopper

And mine is xistrike.

I probably should be getting photoshoots set up for Roxas since conventions arne't really the best places to take pictures of one's costume. There are people in the backgrounds and the lighting isn't the best either. D8! Plus the fact that the other Roxas costumes have pretty pictures makes me jealous~Dx!

So, just a reminder for those who've finished costumes. It is very fun and a great way to make friends with similar interests. :D! We're all big dorks anyway, so why not show it, huh?

Plus. We should try getting Brenden on here. 8D! That is all!


ANSWER PLEASE~! [Saturday, August 26th 2006]

[ mood | curious ]


Don't know what it is? Check out this site for any information.

For me, I don't know for certain if I'll be able to go until after I'll get adjusted into the college environment. If I do and show my parents and I take care of myself, there may be a possibility. If not, I'll just sneak to cosplay on Friday since my last class ends around 11AM-1PM ish.

As for planning? I think I'm going to be Roxas from Kingdom Hearts and/or Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club depending on what happens.

Roxas; Still need to try to bleach his jacket since I was pretty uncomfortable with it being gray. It's not something big, but I think it'd look better it's actual white color. Other than that, I have to re-spike the wig since I used it for relentless 'look-I'm-Naruto!' dress ups. Shoes, eh, not too worried 'bout those. I should probably try to get decent ones, shouldn't I?

Tamaki; EVERYTHING!! I need to get another cheap wig from Ebay and start styling that too. I saw pretty short pale blonde wigs that I can use without any problems for around $10. Blazer that castrophony suggested will be around $30, so I'll have to see what kind of funds I'll get for college. Dad'll give me money for lunch weekly, so I'll have to eat light lunches. No problem with that! I eat like a bird anyway~

Scratch Tamaki.

How 'bout everyone else?

edit; ARGH! No fair! I just found a good wig for Daisuke too. We're letting up on that group though, aren't we? :O? Say the word and it's gone, or just saved for another day.


gosh, guys.... [Thursday, August 3rd 2006]

[ mood | hyper ]



bc I just KNOW you'd all be so interested in my cosplay life =DDD

okai, as some of you know, we're already working on a Heartless group for AN07. We have about 5 heartless and one Maleficent (yay ^^) so far, and hope to pick up more as the year rolls on and people aren't getting their hard cos's done.


about MY cosplays now...=DDDDD

1.) Still trying to decide if Risa will get done. Maybe not...sorry Kat!!! Besides, have either of the Darks been working on their cos's??? HAVE YOU?!?!?!

2.) Halloween Town Kairi is about half-done. The black shirt is mostly done, the white shirt is in the process of being shredded, and the skirt's second layer is in the process of being finished. I also need to finish a few details, and figure out what I'm doing for shoes.

3.) Temari is semi-on-hold for now. So, Dargon-kun, I'll just use a regular 36" wall fan if I decide to do it. Thanks tho ^^

4.) My Shadow Heartless cos is mad easy...all I need right now is the headgear, really. So, 80-85% done.

5.) I may be doing a default KH1 Kairi, which is also about half-done (I have most of the upper-body stuff, and I already have the right purple fabric...)

6.) (yes we're up to 6.) HAYNER!!! Yay Gap shopping! I WILL be doing a Hayner costume (which, for me, if basically now a closet cosplay. yay closet cos!) for whatever occasion I can find...since it's mostly street clothes anyway, I may just wear it to the mall one day, pick up a KH2 guide, and start flippin through it, just to see what happens. Then Kira will come up to me in her Roxas jacket and I will give her a noogie =DDD and people will stare and be like "whoa....cosplay..."

yeah...cosplay daydreams...

::edit:: there's a #7, too!

7.) BakuTen's (Burst Angel/Bakuretsu Tenshi) Meg is my big dream right now. I've wanted to cos her ever since I got all that (useless?) yellow fabric and since she has a cowboy hat and I happen to LUB LUB LUB cowboy hats. And I get to play a bad girl, for once...ne? xDDD My smex-ful blue-white gradient cowboy hat should do nicely...

::end edit::

anywhoodles! has anyone else been doing anything? I think right now I'm actually going to go work on HTK so I can say I finished a cos (and I can later have help with my KH1 skirt x.x)

gosh guys, post!



It liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives! [Friday, July 21st 2006]

[ mood | crazy ]

Just making sure this thing is still alive. Has anyone done anything on any cosplay stuff whatsoever?

And who wants to join the Heartless group that is being started? You know you've always wanted to run around and attack Sora =D

Or someone else.

We're trying to plan a something for next year (like Bleach v Angry Mob) sort of thing where we go attack some group and find da winna!

It'll be really great times, so...YOU SHOULD JOIN US =DDDDDDDD


Naruto-nii! [Sunday, July 9th 2006]

[ mood | discontent ]

Busy busy busy! Well, not really. Busy with thinking, but I won't weigh anyone down with that now.

I spent last night messing up my Roxas wig and tried on the Naruto headband with it. And I have to say that it looks very very spiffy! I think I'll put Time-Jump Naruto as a thumbs up for one of the conventions! Preferably mangaNEXT'06, since it's right around the corner.

I know everyone's basically doing their own thing now-a-days..But conventions will bring us together again? I hope?

Other than that! I spent the rest of the night sleeping..in my wig and headband. Obsessed much? You bet'cha.

[Sunday, July 2nd 2006]

[ mood | hyper ]


I'm posting here because this place is about cosplay, and I have stuff to talk about that's about, well, cosplay!!!

I've been a sewing machine whore (in addition to my being a camera whore and a choir fag =D) but only bc I have a new sewing machine! Yay cosplay!!!

So, as a result of my promiscuity with sewing machines (no, nvm, that's just WRONG) I am happy to say that my Halloween Town Kairi v2.0: Pumpkin Queen, is just about halfway finished.

Now, why would this matter to you?

I don't know! Perhaps I'm just doing this so people can know where other people are at. AND YOU ALL SHOULD DO IT TOO!!!!

I am also willing to help anyone who needs it. If there is a cos that you need done and can't get your hands on the proper resources, I will help. All you need to do is surrender to me a couple afternoons (or mornings, depending on when I'm working) and I will get your cos done. If you need help, please tell me sooner rather than later, bc once I'm in college, the only cosplays I will be focusing on will be mine. SORRY!!!

Um, okai, so that's about it. Dark and Dark, whenever you guys find this, I have lots of leads on your wigs (thank you cosplay.com T.T) so you guys would just need to possibly surrender one afternoon to some combination of Kirstie, Ed, and me so we can style them properly. You only have 11 months and 13 days (if we're doing DNAngel on Friday) to get your stuff done! And ya gotta trust me on this one, time FLIES. It happens when you're supposed to do three cosplays and you end up doing only one and it makes you sad T.T

And I think we should get a bigger Final Fantasy group together, just because there were almost NO FF people at the con this year, and the ones that were were all Clouds (not complaining, but most were either girls or bad) or Tifas (COMPLAINING!). Except for that one morbid Aerith..she was cool =D

So yeah, that's my thoughts on that. And I have a really crappy sewing machine if anyone wants to use it...a bad sewing machine is quite better than no sewing machine at all =D

Can I advertise our group on cosplay.com? PLEASE?????? (just putting it in my sig--YOU ALL SHOULD DO THE SAME!)

Ja matta ne!


BLAH! [Wednesday, June 28th 2006]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Haha. Mind not the title! I've just been thinking a lot about who to cosplay and which costume to cosplay exactly. @_@ So far I've come up with these:

; Daisuke Niwa
; Time-Jump Naruto

and of course Roxas.

I really don't have any idea who else I'd like to cosplay other than those two three, but I guess it'll be really simple to get them done on time. Yep! I'm sticking to guys unless I can find a girl character I can really do. >>;; Guess I just fail at girls! XD!

So that means I'll need to buy two more wigs which means I'll need to take that job my Dad found in he church. Hm. Guess I'll have to buy them cheap again! :D!

Other than that, all I really need to worry about is which costume to choose for Daisuke. You'd think it'd be really simple, but it really has to coodinate with what the Darks (maybe one of them) and what my sister, Wiz!Daisuke wants to do. But in all honesty, I can't choose just one. Daisuke has so many adorable costumes that it'd be a shame to not choose that one or that one. XD! Curse you indecisiveness! There's a helluva lot to factor in to. They can't be impratical like the OrgXIII costumes. XD And it can't be too tight lest I take away the illusion that I'm a girl. :P

So back to searching for me!

Oh! And if anyone needs help looking for scans try here! You can't fully maximize the scans, but you'll get to look through a lot of pictures. ;3 T



Possible groups '06-'07 [Tuesday, June 27th 2006]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Hey, guys. I know there are only three of you, but we have to make great plans for next year's animeNEXT '07 or this year's mangaNEXT! We may not see each other during the year, but when we see each other at the convention it'll be fun to be in a big group. ;3

mister_bushido and I were up one night thinking of some things. If you'd like to be added to a list or taken off of one, or if you'd just like to change the character that we thought would fit then that's perfectly fine.

Is someone getting the best of you?Collapse )

As you can see, we have a lot of possibilites. So if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. Feel free to comment.


another day, another post... [Monday, June 26th 2006]

[ mood | creative ]

haha! even though this is my first!

today was so much fun, cos-wise. I started my cosplay doll (Hikari/Kari) and she's not turning out too badly...she has curves and everything! what she is, exactly, is a plushie whose cosplay wardrobe will match mine. Any costumes I have or finish, she will have matching ones. I'm even working on making wigs for her! she will be quite a project, but fun all the same.

also! new sewing machine today; my graduation gift from my mom. it's less expensive than a laptop (which I am being given by the school as a reward for taking a third roommate >.<) I'm veeeeeeeeeeeeery excited about this new sewing machine...it's so pretty and non-broken and it has a 10-year warrentee...YAY BAD SPELLING!

but, I think that's it for now. the cosplays I am working on presently...in order of deadline dates (either true deadlines or dates I have set for myself)

~Risa Harada
~Halloween Town Kairi
~Roronoa Zoro
~Shadow Heartless

Roronoa's most done (95%), followed by HTK (5%), followed by Shadow (most stuff compiled, but not coordinated), concluded with Risa (0%)

more later!




Much needed clean-up! [Friday, November 4th 2005]

'cause everyone has to do their share, all right, guys?

We need to see how many people are still interested in cosplay. I know Keri has a new member that I have YET to make a banner for and seeing that LJ is a lot more efficient (requires less HTML) and a lot more convinient, we've switched to here!

List of CosplayersCollapse )


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